Dj Gafas, aka Edwin Sluis, is a salsa Dj with a strong preference for jazzy and funky tunes. His sets are a mix of old style mambo and guaguanco, classic salsa, funky mambo-chacha’s and modern salsa romantica. When needed, a touch of bachata and kizomba can be added.

As a child, Edwin was brought up on mostly classical and jazz music. During his teenage years, his musical discoveries lead him through punk and new wave, and back to funk and soul. Nowadays, the latter are still of great influence on his spinning.

Taking salsa lessons developed a strong interest in its history and diverse sub-genres. From there on, it was only a small step to start spinning. First at the dance studio socials, and since late 2015 at parties outside his hometown of Breda.

So far, Dj Gafas has been a guest at the following parties / venues:

  • AfroLatin Social Club, Rotterdam
  • El Corazon Ardiente – Gent, Belgium
  • Establishment – Sydney, Australia
  • Latin Soul – Roosendaal
  • Mambo Mike’s ‘the Latin Quarter’ – Rotterdam
  • MamboRico – Edegem (Antwerp), Belgium
  • Sky Bar – Saigon / Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Soul Salsa – Rosmalen